The coffee may or may not have been any good.  But the cup was great and remains an inspiration.

Welcome to “It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You”, photos of the beloved Anthora in the wild.

You Scrolled Down Here

Your reward is another discarded Anthora.


The Anthora is an iconic paper coffee cup design, helping to define New York City since it was originally designed by Leslie Buck in 1963.   Mr. Buck passed away in 2010, but his work lives on.

The cup has been often imitated and reproduced, and has graced the coffee shops and carts of New York City for over 50 years.  And for as long, the spent product has decorated our streets and sidewalks with its iconic presence.

This site is an attempt to capture the free-range Anthora in its natural habitat after its useful service life has ended.  These cups were untouched by human hands between being discarded and being photographed.


I will gladly post your Anthora pictures, as well as information about any restaurant, coffee shop or cart that sells coffee in the Anthora.

Shout outs to:

https://wearehappytoserveyou.com/ – you can get yourself a ceramic reproduction of the iconic Anthora – in full and espresso size!

Wikipedia and the excellent Anthora page – take a moment to support Wikipedia!

The New York Times, and their excellent cultural piece about the Anthora and their obituary & tribute to Mr. Buck, the inventor of the Anthora.

The Gothamist for their article eulogizing Mr. Buck.

The Huffington post and their cultural piece about the Anthora

The Solo Cup Company, manufacturers of the original and best!

And of course, Mr. Leslie Buck, to whom we New Yorkers owe a debt of gratitude.  Mr. Buck passed away in 2010 at the age of 87.